Ronnie Goldberg, Class of 1969

Ronnie GoldbergWhen Ronnie Goldberg ‘69 visited Bryn Mawr College and met with students as part of the Alumnae/i-in-Residence program, she stressed the importance of being open to learning new skills. Her own decades-long career as a top policy executive at United States Council for International Business was built on a series of serendipitous opportunities to work in fields that did not always match with her credentials. As she says, “I credit Bryn Mawr with giving me confidence to explore all of my options and the tools to succeed professionally.”

Ronnie nurtures her connection to Bryn Mawr. She gives annually to the Bryn Mawr Fund, gathers with College friends, and attends events on campus. In recent years, she has focused on tax-wise ways she can pay it forward by supporting current students.

In reviewing her plans for her legacy, Ronnie recognized an opportunity to fund internships and help students explore all opportunities. “I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with student interns,” Ronnie says. “Over time, I came to realize the importance of a substantial internship when forming a career.”

An enthusiastic supporter of the Center for Career & Civic Engagement (she served on their advisory board), Ronnie established The Goldberg Internship Fund with a qualified charitable distribution (QCD)  from her IRA to provide students with meaningful work experiences and encourage their professional exploration. She also made Bryn Mawr the charitable beneficiary of her IRA.

“I look back fondly at Bryn Mawr. It was a luxurious time in my life. I had the freedom to investigate subjects just because they interested me,” Ronnie reflects. “It’s a wonderful time that will never be repeated. I am honored to play a part in supporting the next generation to have the same experience.”