June Mei ’66

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My Gift

June Mei “Bryn Mawr gave me the confidence to find my own path regardless of how unorthodox it might be,” says June Mei ’66. Born in New York City, June received her secondary education in Hong Kong, and forged her career by building bridges between the people of Asia and North America. She is a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and consults with major corporations and institutions on language and cultural interpretation.

June credits Bryn Mawr and a liberal arts education with broadening her intellectual horizons. Originally intent on studying the sciences, June changed direction when a Philosophy 101 course opened up new intellectual pathways.  “To this day, the liberal arts approach to looking at the world has helped me to make sense of what I see, and to appreciate unfamiliar things.” To help today’s Bryn Mawr sustain this important work, June has established a fund at the College that provides resources for cross-cultural dialog on campus. 

She also enjoys the benefits of being amongst Bryn Mawr’s pool of more than 200 gift annuitants. “As a freelance consultant, it is impossible to have a sense of certainty about my income.  At least I can count on the quarterly payments from my Bryn Mawr gift annuity.”  

Through all the many ways that June supports Bryn Mawr, it always comes back to wanting to “give back to a place that has given me so much.” As a bonus she sees herself as addressing an historical imbalance: “Historically, men have had much more money to give to their alma maters, so this is more or less a tiny effort to help even things out!” 

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