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[charity_name] Donor Stories

Bryn Mawr College is grateful for the support provided by alumnae/i and friends who have made planned gifts to benefit future generations. Through their generosity, these individuals have demonstrated their commitment to the future of Bryn Mawr through gifts that have created meaningful legacies. Here are some of their stories.

Susan Speers [charity_name] Donor

Susan S. Speers ’51

Susan S. Speers‘51 learned the importance of giving back at an early age.

Jean MacIntyre [charity_name] Donor

Jean MacIntyre ’56

Jean supports Bryn Mawr in a number of areas – to the library, scholarships through the Class of 1956...

Miriam F. Diamond [charity_name] Donor

Miriam F. Diamond ’57

When Miriam Diamond entered Bryn Mawr in September 1953, she had no idea that her four years...

June Mei [charity_name] Donor

June Mei ’66

“Bryn Mawr gave me the confidence to find my own path regardless of how unorthodox it might be,” says June Mei ’66.

Lee Carpenter [charity_name] Donor

Lee Carpenter ’67

Lee has created a charitable remainder trust and named Bryn Mawr in her will.

Sharon Bishop MSS [charity_name] Donor

Sharon Bishop MSS ’70

Sharon Bishop MSS ’70 came to Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research...

Joyce Hansen [charity_name] Donor

Joyce Hansen ’74

In the decades since she graduated from Bryn Mawr, Joyce Hansen ’74, sees clearly the path...

Susan A. Messina [charity_name] Donor

Susan A. Messina ’86 MSS ’91 MLSP ’92

In addition to her annual support, Susan has created a bequest for Bryn Mawr.

Mina Bissell ’63

“I was lucky to come to Bryn Mawr,” Dr. Mina Bissell ’63 says. “It was all about smart, successful women, and the faculty were amazing.”