A Celebration of Bryn Mawr

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L-R Natica von Althann ’72, Fay Donohue ’72, Nancy Gellman ’67, Barbara Paul Robinson ’62, and Mary Clark ‘87

This dynamic panel of alumnae discussed their experience working in historically male-dominated businesses and professions. They discussed their experiences in attempting to break the glass ceiling and the advancement of women in leadership positions. Our panelists explored ways that women can help each other thrive in the work place. 

In addition, President Cassidy expressed her thanks to all gathered at the reception honoring members of The Slade Society and The Taylor Society at Reunion. 

Celebration of Bryn Mawr

Celebration of Bryn Mawr

Celebration of Bryn Mawr

The reception was held in the Hepburn Teaching Theater. Our guests enjoyed hearing from both President Cassidy and Defy Expectation Campaign Chair, Denise Hurley '82, and mingling with alumnae and friends of all ages.



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